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The Workshops and Development Courses are for anyone wishing to learn more about developing your own spiritual intuition and contacting your own Guides or Angels and to learn more about Crystals, becomming a Reiki Practitioner or to incorporate the Tarot Cards into the subjects you already do now.

You can decide if you prefer to work alongside other like-minded people who are there to develop their skills too or to do a One-to One with just you and I working on the same subjects but if you are a little shy or just prefer to work alone, this may suit you more!

The Workshops and Courses are usually based on a 10 week schedule unless of course its a one day event or its the Reiki Degrees which are slightly different.

With the 10 week events, we incorporate making a Medicine Wheel, an ancient Indian tradition which shows how peoples lives develop and how each person grows as times go by. It allows you to see how spiritually you have grown and how your life has changed with the various events that happen throughout your lifetime. Based on the North, South, East and West it can incorporate Animals, Crystals, Ribbons, Shells, Feathers, infact anything, its your decision as its your Medicine Wheel. Great fun and a symbol of wisdom too, it will be your own little treaure to keep to remind you of your course and the things you have learnt along the way!

Each course has all of the coursework provided for you, all collated neatly in an appropriate folder for you to keep. This will allow you to go over it all in your own time and to recall any information that you may have forgotten should you need to do so. Each week we will cover the course work and do some Meditation and Intuition work with Cards and Crystals and week by week you will build up the skills needed to be able to contact your own Guides, should you wish to do so.

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To book your place on the next 10 Week Development Course or Workshop click the BUY NOW button or call Pauline to book by phone 01842 814227

10 Week Group Development Course cost £110 per person.

5 Week One 2 One Development Course cost £165 per person.


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