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The Lightworkers Chain

The Lightworkers Chain, is something that was given to me by spirit.

Another message from them, suggesting that I should set up a regular group, where people join together to meditate or to send absent (distant) healing to the world.

Its a well known fact that absent healing works and is very efficient in achieving its goal.

Many people think that they cannot meditate or cannot do distant healing, but we can all do it.

My aim is to set up a group that comes together once a month with the aim of linking together so that we can all send healing to the world.

If you find it hard to do absent healing or in fact do not know how its done, then dont worry, I will go through with everyone a simple way of doing this. Also if you prefer to meditate but with the aim of sending distant healing then this can be done too. What ever suits you is best, but the main aim is that we all link together at the same time to send healing to the world.

We are at a time now when this world could do with all the help we can give it, so without getting into the politics of life, lets just work together to help heal the wounds that the world has at this moment in time.

2012 is the year in which many changes are coming to this planet. From Floods, Fires, Famines, Starvation, Poverty, Relationship changes, Job losses, Loss of homes, the list goes on..... We are all striving to understand these changes and how they will affect us.

By using the power of your mind and by allowing your compassionate nature to shine through, if we all focus our energies on healing this planet and the damage that has already been done, we can work together to make the changes that we all need.

Please join in with me and many others once a month to just take half an hour of your time and sit quietly, focus your attention on the planet and the people and animals who reside here, and with Faith, Hope and Determination, we can make a difference.

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