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Tarot and Crystal Readings

I like to do Tarot, Name and Crystal readings, the crystals show how to improve life.
To begin, I do the Name reading, which was given to me by spirit very early on in my development.

This reading you will not be able to get from any other person as its unique to me. Of course there are many other people who do a Name reading, but it will not be the same as mine! When we enter this life, we think that our name has been chosen for us, well it has we chose it before we came here and our name tells us alot about the true person we are and how we lead our lives. Everytime we change our name, our path changes too and with each name change it shows how we have developed, how our relationships change and how we become the person we are today. Our Nicknames and even our Business names affect the way we live so having a name reading just confirms what path you are on and how your path changes with each name change!

A Tarot reading will be next, giving you a guide to what will happen for you in the coming year, a 13 card spread detailing the coming year ahead. The crystals will indicate what is affecting you at this moment in time and what crystal would benefit you now!

It may mean that to improve things, a healing would be suggested and you can choose either crystals or reiki.

Psycometry is available on request with a charge of an extra £5 payable with the reading.

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