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Crystals are a love of mine and always will be. They come from deep within the earth and each crystal has its own property which can be used in a variety of ways, either on the body, around the body, under your pillow and in gem essences/elixirs to promote deep relaxation and enhance health & well being.

Many therapists use dowsing with crystals to determine the answer to various questions that we ask. In fact crystals have been used way back in time by all of our generations in history. Used in our modern watches and clocks, Quartz is an essential part of our modern living. Our makeup that women wear has been adapted from as early as the egyptians and history shows that as with our plants & trees, crystals have a major role in life as we know it. Crystal Therapy is now as well known as Reiki and Acupuncture.


Reiki, pronounced ray key, means life energy and was developed in the early 1900's by a man called Mikao Usui in Japan and brought over to this country and taught to a group of people where it is widely used today. Reiki is a system of enlightenment and uses both hands on and distant healing. Like Crystal Therapy, it promotes deep relaxation, increases energy, removes energy blocks, reduces stress, enhances health & well being, removes aches and pains and can build confidence and self belief. I like to use a combination of both the reiki and the crystal therapy to achieve a total therapy and one of which has effects long after the session has finished. With any healing, the process is a constant action that works on every individual in different ways and no two sessions will ever be the same. Reiki as with Crystals, enhance your life.

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Jewellery and Gifts....

Hand made jewellery, suncatchers, bag charms and glasses necklets are available to order in a choice of colours and designs! Almost all of them have crystals incorporated within the design and are a lovely way to bring crystals in to your life. The creations were born through my love of the crystals and I wanted to bring them in to peoples lives in one way or another. You can choose the colour and the crystals, you just have to decide what piece you want to buy! Please feel free to visit my other site to view what is on offer at the moment. The site changes weekly with different designs coming all the time. They make a wonderful present for birthdays, christmas, weddings, anniversaries, in fact they make a great gift for any occasion.


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