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A Crystal Healing Treatment

A Crystal Healing Treatment is a therapy in which the client either lays upon a couch or can sit in a chair (what ever suits).

The client remains fully clothed throughout, never needing to remove clothing unless hot, of course. On the first session (consultation), the therapist discusses any

problems and health related issues connected with the client. A medical questionaire is completed and signed and all of your sessions booked in the diary for convenience.

Once the therapist and client is ready, the crystal healing session begins. Depending on which layout of crystals the therapist decides to choose, crystals are then laid upon the client's body in various different ways.

Depending on the problem, it may need a few treatments, sometimes more to achieve the desired outcome. Always booked in groups of three so the first treatment on week one, the second treatment on week two and the third treatment on week three. This is done for a specific reason.
The first session is to find out both physically and spiritually what the client is in need of and try and bring the body back into balance. The remaining two sessions is to try and ease the problem and help the person. It takes a long time for each ailment or problem to come out on the body itself and so it may take time to rid the body of it also.

The treatment is very relaxing and soothing music is played so that the overall effect is calming to the senses. In some treatments the therapist would encourage the client to use a method of meditation to help with the healing (but this is not necessary).

The body may need some Aura calming or cleansing and some other work may need doing in order for the person to have really dealt with any problems they may have but everything is discussed with the client so they know every step of the treatment.

Crystals can be used on People, Animals and even Plants trees and flowers if needed. They can work well on their own but equally well working alongside other treatments such as Reiki for example.

An after care plan is provided to put your mind at ease and for any other information that you may wish to know. It is reminded that ALL treatments are booked in three weekly sessions and so if one is cancelled a £10 charge will be incurred for each week that has been cancelled.

I know you will enjoy the course of treatments you are having and remember crystals have been used way back throughout the Centuries and are even in the things we take for granted today like our Watches and Computers.

It is a very relaxing treatment, one which will be enjoyed by all.

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