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My name is Pauline Lenoir and I live in Brandon, Suffolk with my husband Andy and our 2 dogs. I combine many subjects throughout my day in my line of work which include Crystal Therapy, Reiki and Tarot. I was introduced to crystals through my daughter Marie and decided that I needed to do a crystal healing course as another part of my life.

I had at that point been doing Tarot readings and lots of other stuff for over 20 years and crystals held such a fascination for me that I needed to work with them. I was lucky enough to find the IACHT course run by Susan Baron (originally trained by Hazel Raven). I say lucky because the courses are normally held in Manchester and other parts of the country that was miles away, and of course London (where I was trained) was not too far away. IACHT stands for International Association for Crystal Healing Therapists and is recognised all over the world. It is always advisable to seek a Crystal Therapist that has had proffesional training and qualifications within this area so you can be asured you are being treated by the right person. A qualified therapist will always have the appropriate letters after their name and I have the letters M.IACHT after my name. Over time my crystal collection grew and also my knowledge, I wanted to use the crystals as they were meant to be used, and that is to help with ailments of the body and mind. I now combine all the knowledge that I have and give various different treatments and readings in the sessions that I do. I hold a fascination for Lemurian Crystals and love to discuss all knowledge on the ancient civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends within our group (IACHT) - you know who you are!

01842 814227

Thankyou to Amanda Adolph, who through our many meditations found that we were doing some fantastic lightwork on the other side and will always be part of my life. Also a big thank you to Susan Baron, John Nappin and Sheila Smith (my teachers) without whom I would not have got where I am today-THANKYOU! As well as the Crystals, the Jewellery also play a part in my life and I love to see people come to me again and again, wearing my pieces! The Tarot has been a big part of my life since my early 20's and is when the whole spiritual thing started happening to me. I like to give a very friendly, personal service and am lucky that my clients come back time and time again, satisfied with the various treatments that they have.

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